When I was on Lincon everything was so fun so there was no time to run around taking photos of everything.

But here are some photos from the Tviksta game room:

Cubiq 4 in a row in 3D:

The game cubiq, 4 in a row in 3D.

Front 3 and 4 players:

The bord game front for 3 players.

The bord game front for 4 players.

Yatzy magnet dart:

Yatzy magnet dart game.


Outing, day trip

June 7, 2006

When my father was visiting me I, my father, Antoinette and Karolinalouise was on a day trip, here are som photos from that trip.

A gate in a park.

A long road to a house.

Red flowers.

The lake Vättern.